Henna Colouring & Designing

It's an expression of one's self and a fashion statement!

Henna or Mehndi  Designing is no longer just for a festival or a marriage, it's an expression of one's self and a fashion statement.  

At Honeyz, we specialize in Arabic and Marwadi designs, but if you have a design in mind show us a picture of what you like and you'll be pleasantly surprised by what our expert artists can deliver.



  Hands Elbowr Shoulder
Arabic Mehndi Design 500/- 1000/- 1500/-
Marwadi Mehndi Design 800/- 1500/- 2000/-
  Ankle 1/2 Ankle Full
Arabic Mehndi Design 400/- 1000/-
Marwadi MehndiDesign 1000/- 1500/-

If you are looking for Henna treatment for your hair check out our hair spa services.