Facials are workouts for your skin!

Think of facials as something done for removing dead skin (exfoliating), whereas a 'face cleanup' is something were we are unclogging the pores.

Which one is right for you? Well, it depends on age, skin type etc, so come on in and we'll help you decide based on your skin.


Facials are a weird bunch, at one point we had over 11 different kinds of facials! D-tan, fairness etc.

Now, after years of being in business and seeing what works best for our Honeyz, we have made the selection much simpler.  Check out the simplified options below.


Fruit or Herbal

Fruit facial is recommended for all type of skin types especially for people who have dry and cracking skin. It helps in deep cleansing and toning of muscles, it makes complexion soft and radiant.

An herbal facial is very effective and safe for any type of skin texture. 

It cleanses skin thoroughly, increases blood circulation, activates the glands of the skin, maintains muscle tone and softens skin texture. It is not recommended for people who have pimples.


Pearl or Gold

Pearl Facial is recommended for people having dark complexion, scars and dark patches on the skin. This facial is best for reviving and rejuvenating the skin as the shell's granules remove dead epithelial cells, blackheads, and whiteheads from the skin.

Gold This facial constitutes a blend of essential oils and 24-carat gold flakes for instant radiance. It also comprises of aroma oils, milk proteins herbs with the goodness of pure gold and has natural bleaching properties to improve the complexion of skin. It is Ideal to be used in case of blemishes, pigmentation, dark circles.


Shanaz Hussain's Herbal or Diamond

Shahnaz Hussain defines her products, as good for any type of skin types and we can't agree more.


Shanaz Hussain Gold Facial

Good for most skin types, and what we use for brides.

Add on: Galvanic machine massage 300/-