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Manicure is the art of cleaning and dressing the hands and fingers, well groomed hands and well shaped nails give the impression of neatness and loveliness.

The hands are noticed as much as the face so they deserve to be beautifully groomed.


   1. Skin will be tightened.
   2. Nail growth will be improved.
   3. Skin becomes smooth and shining.
   4. Gives relaxation to the muscles.



Pedicure comes under the heading of caring for the feet, legs and nails, it is a part of persons well groomed look. It not only includes personal appearance but also adds comfort as the whole weight of the body rests on the feet alone.


   1. Legs look beautiful.
   2. Improves blood circulation.

  Normal Royal Oxy
Manicure ₹ 250/- ₹ 350/- ₹ 400/-
Pedicure ₹ 300/- ₹ 500/- ₹ 550/-