Heart of Hyderabad

Sanali Estate, 1st Floor

Chirag Ali Lane
(by Little Flower High School)


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072070 36399

7 Days/Week
11 am - 8 pm


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When was the last time in Hyderabad, you stepped out and said...ah, what beautiful clean, fresh, awesome, out of this world, going out of my breath clean air! ;)

Well, chances are not very likely it was recent.  Well, your skin is clogged by that very beautiful air we breath every day here in the heart of Hyerabad (Abids).  So, a 'face cleanup' every couple of weeks probably will keep you looking fresh and feel radiant! So, do drop in we are open 11 - 8pm and we'll have some world famous Hyderabadi Chai :)

Fruit or Herbal ₹ 250/-
Pearl or Aroma ₹ 350/-
Fairness or Honeyz Special ₹ 400/-